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    Sizensor Add-On

    Turn your smartphone into an automatic dimension capturer.

  • Installation

    1. Hardware

    Sizensor utilizes the laser measure to use in conjunction with your smartphone. Simply attach it to the back of your phone through a magnet.

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    2. Software (App)

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    The App is the primary user interface to make the automatic dimension capture happen. Leave us your information to get the datasheet and App for the details of how it works.



    1. Sizensor App is only for Android devices.

    2. It is NOT available on Google Play.

    2. The App can not work alone. It is necessary to work with the hardware "iPin Spatial Ruler Pro".

    Want a customized App?

    Learn More Here.

  • Tech Spec I


    iPin-DRS141B1 (Laser Measure)

    Auto Box Recognition Speed

    < 2 sec / box

    Volume (LxWxH)

    Detection Tolerance*

    < ± 5%

    Total Length (L+W+H)

    Detection Tolerance*

    < ± 2%

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    Unit: mm

    Laser Wavelength


    Class II


    Operation Temperature

    -10 ~ 40 oC


    *Tolerance is define in the datasheet.

  • Tech Spec II

    Minimum Requirements of Smart Phone



    5.0 (Lollipop) to 9.0 (Pie)

    CPU chipset

    Mid-range at least; for example:

    • Exynos 7880
    • Helio P22
    • Snapdragon 801

    Device Camera

    Frame rate: 30fps

    Color image

    Attitude Sensors




    4.2 (BLE)

    Random Access Memory

    > 1.5GB