The Sizensor Solution

    Miniaturized Laser Module + Software APIs

  • How it works

    Capturing, measuring and calculation: "3 in 1 step" to get the dimensions

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    Sizensor* utilizes the handheld device camera to detect the cuboid box, gets distance from the laser measure through Bluetooth, and then calculates the dimensions according the handheld device's pitch angle. All processes are integrated by the Sizensor App.


    * The App is currently only for Android OS handheld devices.


  • It's Total Solution

    Sizensor offers Hardware and Software Package as Single Solution

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    Demo Video 

  • Hardware Options

    Miniaturized distance measurement modules comprising the laser, detector and signal processing circuitry

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    Add-On Accessory Parts

    We work with system device providers to develop customized, attachable unit as ready to market accessory option to existing product lines.

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    Build-In Mini Lidar Module

    The smallest single direction mini lidar unit in the industry, ideal for device design in, such as rugged phones or handheld computers.

    Visit the Wiseome Mini Lidar site for more information : Wiseome Mini Lidar

  • Mobile Computer System

    Minimum Spec Requirements of the Mobile Computer



    5.0 (Lollipop) to 9.0 (Pie)

    CPU chipset

    Mid-range at least; for example:

    • Exynos 7880
    • Helio P22
    • Snapdragon 801

    Device Camera

    Frame rate: 30fps

    Color image

    Attitude Sensors



    Random Access Memory

    >1.5 GB

  • Software Functions

    3D photogrammetry algorithm and auto recognition API provided for customization.

  • 1. Capturing

    Automatic box recognition

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    Sizensor proprietary image analysis algorithm recognizes cuboid boxes, and defines its three edges (for size measurement) within seconds. It uses the handheld device's 2D camera only. Simply align the blue spot on the front corner, shoot the laser, then the box will be quickly recognized.

  • 2. Measuring

    Laser guided distance measured

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    When the Capturing process is initiated, the distance between the handheld device and the box’s top surface is also obtained simultaneously by the laser measure. It is the essential reference for next step - dimension calculation.


    Notice: The box needs to be placed on a level surface.

  • 3. Calculation

    Cuboid dimensioning by 3D photogrammetry

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    Sizensor's proprietary

    "laser-assist 3D photogrammetry" algorithm transforms the photo's pixels into a 3D space coordinates from the distance measured in last step and the pitch angle of the handheld device. The cuboid box dimensions are then calculated from the 3D space coordinates.


  • Features on demand

    Here are some optional features which may help your job done even more efficiently.

    Freight Fare Calculation

    Get the shipping cost instantly

    Customized Data Output

    To wherever you need wirelessly

    Customized Add-on Laser Module

    Fitting to Client's Device Model

  • Our 3 Key Technologies

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    Smart Recognition


    Automatically recognize the box within a couple of seconds.

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    Laser Measure


    The most accurate measurement technology available for handheld applications.

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    3D Photogrammetry


    Calculated the box's L x W x H, directly from a single point distance and a 2D photo.


  • Want to know more about Sizensor?

    We welcome and look forward to your idea about using Sizensor or joint-development projects. Leave your contact info and comments here. We will get back to you as soon as we can.