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    Our innovative mobile dimension solution, Sizensor, is debuting at Computex 2022, Taipei. Join us at the show to see how Sizensor pairs with smart mobile computers for industrial applications.

  • Welcome to see our latest Sizensor demo!

    We will present SIZENSOR at COMPUTEX SHOW

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    Following the growing market demand for connected logistics services around the world and IoT in...
    A mobile handheld dimensioning solution is a must-have for every business that is looking to...
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    Our innovative mobile dimensioning solution, Sizensor, has been featured on Warehouse Engineers at MODEX2020. Take a look at how Sizensor effectively solves your warehouse headaches.

    Length, Width, Height…. And where is my tape measuring?

    Problem 9: Packaging Dimensions

    We’ve all had to answer those questions when preparing parcel for delivery. It’s so frustrating when you have a large or heavy box that you need assistance with to get all the dimensions. Sizensor designed an app to instantly capture parcel dimensions. Sizensor has a lot of benefits around the warehouse like planning a load diagram for new products. Consider how easy the app is to install and use, it’s a win.

  • Welcome to see our latest Sizensor demo!

    We will present SIZENSOR at MODEX SHOW

    Join us at Booth#7290 For More Information

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