New Handheld Dimensioning Solution for Parcel Boxes

Increasing operational efficiency for logistics and warehousing with our LiDAR-enabled Sizensor for handheld computers.

A mobile handheld dimensioning solution is a must-have for every business that is looking to optimize their logistics management, and streamline their process for shipping and handling large amounts of freight. (Source)

With a reliable handheld dimensioning solution, such as Sizensor, you can expect to deliver a solid and dependable return on investment for your logistics business. 

Typically, dimensioning poses a time-consuming and labor intensive challenge in collecting a large number of package boxes. The practical demand of recording box conditions with photo images also requires extra training and efforts attending to the operation process.  

Our proprietary hardware and software solution, Sizensor, helps logistics companies like yours with this exact pain point. Designed to pair with mobile computers as an add-on dongle or embedded to the board, our mobile handheld dimensioning solution upgrades the smart handhelds with the ready feature, that items can be photoed and accurately measured on the spot where they are stored or when they are being processed, and the dimensional data is then seamlessly uploaded to your WMS or internal systems. This creates a source of accurate data that allows your business to plan ahead, resolve claims, and avoid potential manual errors. 

By eliminating the operational blind spots during shipping, storage and receiving links, our integrated dimensioning solution enables you to make management decisions that increase efficiency of your operations.

The Sizensor mobile handheld dimensioning solution is an excellent investment for the companies involved in a variety of parcel shipping or freight shipping services, as the solution may bring considerable savings in parcel costs and freight costs for your business.

 To learn more about how Sizesnsor can help your business maximize your existing capacity, accuracy, and workforce, please contact our team for more information.