Discover the Mini LiDAR Laser Ranging Sensor Technology Behind Sizensor at COMPUTEX 2022 

Create your own LiDAR-enabled solutions for rugged, handheld computers and mobile devices

Following the growing market demand for connected logistics services around the world and IoT in the logistics industry, our miniature lidar-enabled Sizensor Solution was developed to help our clients increase efficiency in logistics planning and operations resource management from parcel collection to final forwarding. 

By combining automatic dimension capture and real time photo recording, the Sizensor Solution augments the functionalities of your warehousing and logistics handheld devices (such as industrial tablets and rugged phones), and acts as a real-time data-and-image tracking system.

Wiseome’s Sizensor Solution is powered by a combination of our patented miniature laser ranging sensor, Mini Lidar, and a proprietary software application designed for handheld devices. This hardware and software solution serves frontline rugged handheld devices, and allows logistics service providers to not only capture dimension data, but keep a record of parcel conditions through a photo record. Sizensor Solutions enables freight management options for IoT connectivity in the logistics industry.

About Mini LiDAR by Wiseome 

Our Mini LiDAR module’s ultra-short focal length and planar optical-mechanic design is the best in the industry. With the thinnest optical structure in the industry, Mini LiDAR modules are less than 6mm in size, and can be easily integrated into your existing handheld computers and mobile devices. 

Mini LiDAR laser ranging sensor modules are offered in different versions to suit your needs:

  • Mini LiDAR Packaged is best suited for external use cases with drones and robotic automation
  • Mini LiDAR Embedded is a compact, energy-efficient laser rangefinder module ideally suited for integration in portable electro-optical devices. At the upcoming COMPUTEX Show, we will be releasing our fully functional proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) model. This new SKU offering is 10% smaller than our original Embedded module.

At Wiseome, using our deep expertise in laser miniaturization and more than 20 years of experience, we create customized solutions for your complex business problems.

Join us at COMPUTEX Taipei from May 24 to 27 to get live product demonstrations, and learn more about how our Sizensor Solution can benefit your business. If you’re unable to join us in Taipei, we’re also doing virtual demonstrations in our online showroom